Master Cleanse - Do's and Don'ts To Follow

Published: 23rd September 2011
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Following the master cleanse is very easy. In a nutshell, all you have to do is slowly prepare your body for a liquid diet, and follow all the necessary instructions. During the diet proper, you will simply be taking a lemon mixture which is created by mixing lemon juice, pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

The diet has been very popular because it is easy to follow and is effective for weight loss. However, it is important that you understand some things first to make sure that your detoxing effort becomes a successful one. So, before getting over-excited about its weight loss effects and jumping right into the diet, here are some things that you need to understand before staring the master cleanse or lemon detox diet:

What To Do

*Start small. Pure liquid detox diets like this one can be done for as quick as two days or as long as last for two days to two weeks. As a beginner, you may want to start with a two to three day detox, and eventually move one to a longer diet during your next try.

*Hydrate yourself with water. While continuous lemon juice intake may make you forget the need to take in water, it's important to remember that you also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

*Drink two to three lemon juice glasses as replacement for every meal. You can drink as much as twelve glasses of lemon mixture daily.

*Have a couple of fruits and vegetables ready just in case you really feel hungry.

*Prepare your body initially before the diet proper. Follow through the proper process by easing in and easing out of the diet in order to avoid discomfort, especially in digestion.

*Drink laxative tea if you feel constipated.

*Use pure maple syrup, not high fructose syrup with artificial maple flavoring.

What Not To Do

*Do not drink any saltwater beverage. Some diet programs will recommend you to drink salt-water drink in order to promote bowel movement, however, drinking it can dehydrate the body. Drink laxative tea instead.

*Do not exercise too much. Light exercise is fine to help keep maintain your fitness, but excessive exercise may cause you to sweat a lot, become dehydrated and feel light headed.

*Do not mix the diet along with other detox diets or fad diets. For the master cleanse detox to work, you will have to drink the lemon juice as it is and not eat any solid food for the duration of the diet.

*Do not use commercial lemon juice. Drink only freshly squeezed lemon juice for this diet.

*Do not focus on weight loss for the duration of this diet. Since the lemon detox diet involves fasting and the lack of food, focusing on weight loss may cause starvation and excessive cravings.

*Do not jump into your diet right away or eat right away after finishing the diet. Follow the easing-in and easing-outrule by allowing your body to adjust.

*Do not follow the diet for more than two weeks. Two weeks is the maximum length of the diet. You can do the diet regularly, but allow at least a month or two of rest before staring the diet once again.

By following these do's and don'ts, you should be able to succeed in your master cleanse detox diet. While you may be more interested in weight loss, you should remember that the diet's primary role is to cleanse the body. So, go ahead enjoy your diet and its cleansing effects, and weight loss should just come naturally.

Katie Adams has spent the last five years learning all the inside secrets to improving her own health and well-being. To learn more great information please go to master cleanse.

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